EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation – Consulting

The nature of the projects we undertake in our Technology business range from pure advisory to hands on delivery of digitally enabled solutions – especially in the fields of data analytics, robotic process automation and customer service design. Clients are also turning to us for help with emerging technologies such as Blockchain, where we can bring the full breadth of EY’s services in to help clients overcome the many and varied challenges that such a potential game-changer brings.

Consultants in our technology teams can expect to gain significant business expertise as part of their role. After all, all technology change ultimately has a business purpose, whether it is supporting the transformation of the Customer or User Experience (CX/UX), building analytics solutions to empower businesses, solving complex challenges in risk management or compliance or streamlining operations and finance.

As a degree apprentice working in Consulting you will be part of an exciting new growth area at EY. Some examples of the work you could be doing include:

  • Helping to solve problems using a host of technologies and techniques that will impact on major companies and the rest of society – supporting technology for transport systems, methods of healthcare delivery, improving the supply chain for consumer goods and the future of banking
  • Gain experience in opportunities such as designing and prototyping emerging technology solutions (eg developing web and mobile apps)
  • Working collaboratively, directly with joint EY/client teams to solve their biggest business Technology problems – building opportunities for your future in Technology Consulting

What support and professional qualifications will I receive?

EY will fund your tuition fees and you’ll receive a competitive salary from day one. You can also expect first class training and support throughout your role.

You will spend 20% of your time over 3 years studying towards a BSc Apprenticeship Degree in Digital Innovation.  You will study with other Apprentices from leading Tech businesses at ADA College, the National College of Digital Skills. You will build on these skills in our teams with our clients in between your block release sessions. 

As well as your technical training, you'll also develop essential know-how through a range of activities. Over the 3 years you can expect to experience web-based learning, shadowing senior colleagues and team members, and training courses with our in-house experts. You'll be assigned a career counsellor on day one who'll work closely with you to identify your strengths and help you grow in your career.

Having gained a grounding in technology solution, design and implementation, along with exposure to our large client base, you’ll have a wealth of practical experience to combine with your college studies. This will open opportunities both inside and outside EY. 

Life in Consulting

Our clients are looking for new ways to innovate while they wrestle with complex issues. Can you ask better questions and use digital tools to come up with better answers?

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Meet Cara

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What do we look for?

You don’t need to have any prior technical experience or qualifications. We’re looking for logical and creative thinking skills, and those with an attention to detail that will ultimately help create digital solutions for some of the biggest problems facing business today. You will be able to work independently, use your own initiative and be ready to embrace responsibilities which could see you working with a range of internal and external people – meaning you are confident at communicating in a variety of different situations. And if you’re not then we will give you all of the guidance and support to you need.

So why wait? Come as you are and show the world what you’ve got.

You’re more ready than you think.


Ready to Apply? We have consulting vacancies in UK&I in London for September 2018 start.

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