EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation – Transactions

Our Transaction teams help our clients to improve growth, competitiveness and profitability. They do this in many different ways, for example by helping them to raise new finance, support in the merging of their company with another to improve performance, or helping those in distress to restructure. Our projects often involve managing multiple stakeholders and high degrees of complexity and uncertainty. Decision making in this environment requires strong client management and communication skills, rigorous analytical techniques and excellent data handling skills.  

The role of data analytics in Transactions has become increasingly important, especially in the power to be found within predictive/prescriptive data science. In Transactions, we help to assess the impact of technology on a company’s business model, helping clients to answer questions such as, how will autonomous vehicles impact our supply chain? In a world of disruption, helping our clients to understand the impact of digital change on their business strategy and the commercial benefit to investing in technology will help them to create a long-term future proofed model.

As a degree apprentice working in Transactions you will be part of an exciting new growth area at EY. Some examples of the work you could be doing include:

  • Working with colleagues throughout the life of an assignment, learning how to define the needs of our clients, collect and analyse data and design data-driven solutions.
  • Design and build data solutions to provide analysis on large data sets.
  • Using data to provide insight and analysis which you will share directly with clients and EY specialist teams.
  • Support the development of others in analytics, using your advanced skills to provide support, guidance and training to other EY teams.

Are you ready to bridge the gap between technology and business?

Do you think outside of the box? We’re looking for logical and creative thinking skills, and those with an attention to detail that will ultimately help create digital solutions for some of the biggest problems facing business today. You will be able to work independently, use your own initiative and be ready to embrace responsibilities which could see you working with a range of internal and external people – meaning you are confident at communicating in a variety of different situations. And if you’re not then we will give you all of the guidance and support to you need.

So why wait? Come as you are and show the world what you’ve got.

You’re more ready than you think.

Life in Transactions

Money is continually being raised, invested, and used to buy and sell all the time. Could you help people to make the right decisions about it? You’ll need nerves for the deal, a head for detail and a passion for new technology.

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We're now open for applications. Apply now to start in September 2018.