Belonging at EY

A sense of belonging is key to helping people contribute fully at work and enjoy what they do. That’s why we want to help everyone at EY feel recognised, valued and part of the EY family.






What are we doing to help create a greater sense of belonging at EY?


It goes without saying that we expect our leaders and managers to set positive examples by leading inclusively, and we provide the necessary training to educate and inspire people to do this. But we also encourage everyone across the business to help create an environment where others feel they belong. We can all play our part.


How? It starts by accepting people for who they are, and all the things that make them unique. Their experience, their personality, their ideas, their ethnicity, their sexuality – everything that makes up the person they have become. The feeling of belonging is vital to strengthen our teams and get the very best from everyone. We can celebrate our differences and still find common ground.


It’s up to everyone to behave in a way that makes people feel part of the team, and to call out behaviours that can make people feel excluded. Doing so means that everyone’s voice is heard and they feel that their contribution matters.


But it’s about more than acceptance. It’s about empowering those you work with to maximise their skills, be recognised for their achievements and encouraged to reach their potential. Everyone at EY is here for a reason – because they have the experience, skills and mind set to help shape our business. We can all recognise each other’s strengths and support each other every day in the work we do.


Even the smallest actions can go a long way to help others feel like their personal and professional aspirations are accepted and supported. And that’s when we all benefit.



What training are we investing in to help put this into action?


Naturally, we all have different strengths, and varying degrees of experience in leading, or being part of, a team. Training can help our leaders, managers and employees to sharpen social antennas in order to recognise environments and situations that encourage others – as well as those that are not conducive to belonging.


At EY, we have inclusive leadership training that helps people develop certain skills to strengthen belonging – which includes things like recognising insider/outsider group dynamics and taking positive steps to remove unconscious bias. We are rolling out a digital tool for our leaders to help them understand how they can foster a greater sense of belonging in their teams. EY also has a performance management system where leaders are rewarded for putting their skills and learning into action.


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