Meet the Entrepreneurs Inside EY - Rebecca Hill

Rebecca is an EMEIA Director specialising in Change Management in global professional service organisations with a particular focus on Business Development and Marketing agenda.

Q Why is an entrepreneurial mind-set important in EY employees? 
At EY there are always opportunities to explore which can lead to some amazing experiences.  You really need to be curious and be able to tap into what’s going on in the market and within the business – connecting the dots – this is crucial. Also never assume people are asking the obvious, and sometimes difficult, questions – this is where the magic happens. It makes you stand out, but you have to have courage, take some risks and importantly have self belief to reap the benefits for the organisation and for yourself. 

Q How would you describe the culture at EY? 
Vibrant, multilayered and rich. There are many different experiences you can have at EY. The best way to tap into the culture is to put yourself out there.  

Q What does EY do to encourage entrepreneurialism? 
There is a strong sense of supporting innovation and different ways of doing things. Having an entrepreneurial spirit or mindset is in our DNA.

Q What’s the advice you would give to someone looking to be more entrepreneurial within a large organisation?
Have courage and follow your curiosity. By following your curiosity you'll be working with your interests, passions and strengths - this can be extremely convincing when it comes to putting your ideas and suggestions across to leadership and into action. And never assume that someone else has got it covered.

Rebecca's Story

I'm a Chartered Marketer by background having spent much of my working life in Sales and Marketing.  I’ve lived, worked and studied in several different countries and have pretty much created all the roles I’ve had over the 20 years of my career.  I joined EY 10 years ago as an Associate Director in the Global Accounts, Industries and Business Development team. During my time at EY I’ve had at least 5 different roles in the Global and EMEIA part of the business  and I’ve also completed an MSc in Behavioral Change Management at SAID Business School. Most recently I’ve worked in both the EMEIA Markets and Talent functions leading major change programs as well as on secondment externally to the 30% Club creating a highly successful cross company mentoring pilot for mid-career women. I’ve been involved in and have led some really exciting programmes – my latest role is leading on the set up across EMEIA of the Women Fast forward platform launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January looking to reduce the 80 years it’s going to take to achieve gender parity in the workplace.