Sue Dawe Partner_Edinburgh

It's an exciting time to join us. We're growing rapidly and want to be even bigger and better. Our new office is just a sign of things to come and it's a great base for this fantastic city.

Sue Dawe Managing Partner, Edinburgh

Life and work in Edinburgh

Marco Morelli Edinburgh

Shaping Scotland’s fintech future

Fuelled by the desire to create innovative technology for the financial market, Roddy Blain joined EY Edinburgh in 2017 – and he’s now working with industry leaders to transform the world of fintech.

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Calum Black 2

Bringing new insights back to EY Scotland

The sign of a great workplace is when you’re keen to return. When the opportunity presented itself, Calum Black jumped at the chance to re-join EY.

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Matt Ward

From Africa to Edinburgh

If you’re used to warmer climes, Edinburgh might not seem like the most obvious destination - but Matt Ward found it to be the ideal place to take the next step in his career.

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Our business areas

All of our locations throughout the UK have commonalities – but are also unique in their own right. Edinburgh features a combination of services and departments which give it a flavour all of its own, while also connecting it to other parts of our network around the country, and across the globe.


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Atria One, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EX

Phone: +44 131 777 2000

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