Nadia's story

“EY truly is a global company that offers great opportunities for personal and professional development through the nature of the service which we provide and through the variety of qualifications available to the employees. Furthermore, there are mobile opportunities – you can easily change offices or even countries.”

Nadia joined EY in January 2015 after completing her Master’s Degree in Business Management at the University of Sunderland.

Nadia on…why she joined EY

“Believe it or not, I wanted to work for EY since my very first accounting lesson at uni back in 2009. I chose to join their Managed Services team because of the variety of different projects which you can get involved in, such as AML (anti money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Client), and Regulatory Advisory work in Remediation and Suitability. All of those are rapidly growing areas which offer fantastic opportunities for a successful career.” 

Nadia on…what she enjoys about Managed Services

“Definitely the challenging environment. You not only get to work on different projects and deliver exceptional client service on a daily basis, but also contribute to the development of your colleagues by becoming a ‘Champion’. You get to inspire, coach and mentor, generally helping people progress which brings a lot of personal satisfaction.”

Nadia on…working in Newcastle

“Our office is located right in the city centre so everything you might need is really accessible. The costs of living is low, there are amazing sport facilities and a lot of things to do in your free time from dance classes to boat races in the Tyne River!”

Nadia on…career development

“I have had the opportunity to study towards my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning which I successfully obtained this April. I also have had the ability to do a lot of internal trainings for my colleagues as well as for university students. I am currently involved in the organisation of Smart Futures, an EY foundation initiative for disadvantaged high school students. That has helped develop confidence, organisational and training skills.

Nadia on…progression

“After my first end of year review I was among the highest performers in the team. I have been since appointed as a QC in my team which is not usually a role given to Associates. I am currently responsible for the training of new members joining the team and the quality review of their work.”

Nadia on…the working environment

“The working environment is a balance between being very friendly and client focused. Everyone makes an effort to get to know you on your projects and beyond if you join different Champion areas or the football/netball team for example. However, at the same time everyone is focused on constantly delivering exceptional client service.”

Nadia on…what makes EY different

“People and people! I have got to meet some amazing people who I am learning from on a daily basis. There is fantastic team spirit across the department, everyone is really friendly and you can easily talk with the management about everything that might concern you. You also get assigned a counsellor who helps you choose the right career path and qualification to get you there.”