Kajal's Story

  • Kajal Vakas

I began my career at EY following 6 years working in the insurance industry. I joined RBSi (now DLG) fresh out of university as a Motor Claims handler, logging new motor claims at the inbound call centres. Throughout the years I worked across multiple claims departments and built up my Guidewire expertise, before joining EY as a Senior Consultant working within the Technology Advisory Guidewire practice.

I decided to join EY because I was looking to work for an organisation where I felt motivated, and wanted be an expert in my field. Furthermore, I wanted to join a team which was excelling in the Guidewire field, providing me with a great opportunity to broaden and further develop my skills and knowledge in this arena. Most of all, I wanted to work for an organisation that was well-known and a leader in its industry, an organisation I would feel proud to be a part of.

My biggest achievement in my career with EY so far would be the development in my own skills and recognition of my own abilities. I feel working within EY has given me so many opportunities to challenge and develop myself, face situations I may have never have faced, subsequently increasing my confidence not only in my work environment but also within my personal life. I now know what I’m capable of and not afraid of facing new challenges in unknown environments.

The biggest challenge working in technology is being able to keep up with the changes to technology and the fast pace at which industries are moving to keep up with the changes. Clients rely on us to advise them of market trends and how to keep ahead of the competition therefore it’s vital we’re aware of and are able to keep up with the fast-paced environment

What really distinguishes EY within the market is our experience, especially in Guidewire, and our willingness to work with newer, less familiar products, enabling us to remain at the forefront of the industry.  Another thing that differentiates us is the firm supports flexible working arrangement to enable a healthy work-life balance. This helps me to put my all into my engagements and my clients, progress my career and simultaneously take care of my family.

If you’re a technology professional looking to join EY the opportunities here are endless. You’ll have the chance to work with reputable clients across multiple countries, ability to develop your own skillset through varied skills available across the team, the potential to work closely with some of the biggest names across the industry and the encouragement and autonomy to develop own ideas to help take the business forward.

If you’re looking to develop and excel in your career within technology my advice would be to identify your niche and then pursue it whilst willing to take on new challenges and learn new skills along the way. Always make the most of development opportunities that come your way!

  • Kajal Vakas