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Jo helped Ugandan smallholders become commercial farmers

Smallholder farmers are among some of the world’s poorest people, but collectively they form the backbone of economies across Africa — nowhere more so than in Uganda. Helping them move from subsistence to commercial farming can have a huge impact on poverty and economic growth, but it’s not easy. Many lack the experience and information needed to plan their planting to meet demand, to increase the productivity of their land, to reach markets and negotiate fair prices.

Jo spent two months in Uganda helping farmers overcome these challenges. Working in a cross-sector, international team within our Enterprise Growth Services programme, Jo helped identify opportunities to accelerate the work the Agricultural Supply Chain Centre is doing to train farmers and improve their access to local and regional markets. Jo’s work has helped make the farmers more business-focused, to sell their produce rather than just making enough food to feed their families.

Now back in the UK, Jo uses her experience in Uganda to bring new skills and perspectives to the projects she works on.

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