How Conor tuned his head for figures into radio

Belfast - Graduate - 2015 - Reportage - 25

Auditing a leading media group

Similar to many people I have a keen interest in the world of media and entertainment. With the nature of its clients, joining EY Belfast has enabled me to gain an understanding of the business aspects of this sector through my involvement in the audit of a major media group.

News from the inside

The group owns radio stations in Northern Ireland and England. I worked on-site at some of these locations, gaining insights into how the stations operate their revenue streams and reporting systems. At one location, our audit room had a window over the television news studio, so we were able to see the behind-the-scenes work that goes on in broadcasting.

Helping radio stations deliver a better service

I enjoy the challenge of providing answers to complex accounting and auditing questions, and I’ve already worked with senior financial controllers to implement better practices that lead to better efficiencies. If I can help businesses perform better for everyone — including millions of UK radio listeners — then I’m helping EY to fulfill its purpose.

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