How Lindsay is pioneering a new center of excellence

Belfast - Graduate - 2015 - Reportage - 7

From geography to global business

I studied Global Economics as part of my Geography degree, and spent a year studying Business Administration in the United States. These two experiences gave me a global perspective on business. I chose EY for its exciting growth plans, corporate purpose and global presence. I thought not having an accounting or finance degree would hold me back but it hasn’t — I can go the professional accountancy accreditation route if I want, but EY offers many other opportunities.

The start of something big

I’m part of the Global Reporting Center of Excellence team that started just 14 months ago, so we’re in start-up. Four of us are developing the service here in Belfast, with 35 more in Dublin, and we’re in frequent contact with our colleagues globally, and with our Global Talent Hub in India.

The Global Reporting Center of Excellence

We provide multinational clients with a central share point — a financial reporting information hub for their global businesses. Every day we look for ways to make their global reporting more efficient, so we’re constantly streamlining processes — keeping what works and leaving the rest. It’s rewarding to be bringing comfort and assurance to clients, pioneering a global reporting service that’s making their working world better.

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