How Sonya’s now one of the family

Belfast - Graduate - 2015 - Reportage - 58

Experiencing something new every day

EY has a very broad range of clients. In the last 12 months, I’ve worked with organisations that range from fostering services and construction firms to large high-street retailers, power stations and churches. So I’m constantly experiencing different sectors, industries and ways of working

Feeling supported at every level


Here at EY Belfast, my career counsellor is here to support my development, not to dictate it. If I want to explore pensions or gain experience with different clients, my counsellor shows me how — the rest is up to me.


My buddy’s in her second year with EY and she helps me with the more day-to-day stuff. With the Belfast office being open plan, it’s easy to speak to people — even senior people — without feeling awkward.


A family is an extended group of around 20 of us, from partners through to new graduate joiners, all at different levels and with different strengths — like a large family would be. We meet as a collective to understand how people are getting on and to find better ways of doing things. Being part of an EY family means I can easily exchange ideas and get a broader perspective on the working world

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