Applying to the EY Business Apprenticeship

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If you’re thinking about applying to one of our 2017 Schools programmes or experiences, here’s more detail on what you will need to do next, with the exception of the EY Scholarship.

At EY we’re much more interested in the kind of person you are and the things you're naturally good at. That’s why we select school leavers on their strengths and future potential, not just past performance. We want you to be yourself, show us what you've got and how far you want to take your career.

Assessing Strengths

Strengths are the things we are good at and energise us. Using your strengths can enable you to perform at your best and have a fulfilling professional life.  By assessing your individual strengths, we can assess your future potential to succeed at EY.

Find out more about your strengths here.

Application Process

There are four stages to applying for a vacancy. Read below for more information on each stage so that you are clear on what to expect.

1.       Choose a programme

Search our current Schools vacancies by clicking on the above 'Apply Now' button on the top right hand side of this page and search for an opportunity to get your career at EY off to a great start. 

2.       Apply online

Once you’ve registered for your first choice vacancy, we will capture your personal details and ask about your academic background. We won’t screen out your application on your academic grades; our final decision will take into account how you do in other aspects of our selection process.

Strengths Portal

Once you have submitted this information, you will receive a link by email to our Strengths Portal where you will be asked to complete five strengths assessments.

Stage 1 includes Situational, Business Behaviours and EY Fit assessments. If you succeed at Stage 1, you will then proceed to Stage 2. Stage 2 includes Numerical and Verbal assessments.

Completing all five assessments allows you to demonstrate your capabilities in full and means that we can gain a greater understanding of who you are and whether you will be a good match for EY.

You don’t have to complete all four assessments in a single sitting if you don’t want to, but you do need to complete them all. We recommend you complete them within one day, and we will only decide on the outcome of your application when you have completed all five assessments.  Whatever the outcome, we will send you a feedback report within 5 working days.

Both our Situational Strengths and Business Behaviours assessments are specifically designed to give you a genuine insight into what working at EY would be like.  We will present you with a variety of scenarios and ask you to select (in order of preference) your responses from a list provided.

The Numerical test involves 12 questions and is set within a time recorded rather than time tested environment.  You should take as long as you need to respond to the questions although note that your score will reflect both your accuracy and time taken.  If you haven’t already, you might want to take a practice Numerical Reasoning assessment, which you can do as a member of Jobmi. Take a practice version of the Numerical Reasoning assessment here.  

Social Mobility

Social mobility is where your background doesn’t define your future opportunities – you do.

EY are Champions of the Social Mobility Business Compact. We are committed to driving a new benchmark for social mobility in recruitment and have partnered with Jobmi to monitor the impact of our selection process on socio-economic profile of our school leaver hires.

We’ll therefore ask you a set of questions about your social, family and educational background. If you don’t want to answer a question, simply select the ‘Prefer not to say’ option.This data collection will take just 2-3 minutes to complete.

It might be that a couple of these questions seem to repeat information that you have already given us. We’re sorry about that, but for social mobility monitoring, it’s important that we collect all this information together in one place.

The information you provide will be used to help us monitor social mobility and will not have any influence on the outcome of your application.

For further information about the Social Mobility Business Compact please visit the following link

3.       First Interview (Telephone) 

Our telephone interview is convenient and easy to attend. It should last around 20-25 minutes. It is designed to help us get to know your individual strengths and motivations for joining EY, your chosen service line and location.  We want to get to know you, so relax and be yourself.  

Top tips for interviews

4.       Assessment Centre

You will take part in various activities such as a team meeting, a written report, a presentation and final interview. This will give you a better feel for EY and helps us learn more about you.

We aim for all candidates to benefit as much as possible from their EY application, even if you are unsuccessful. If you are unsuccessful after your assessment centre or final interview, one of our schools recruiters will be happy to give you a call and talk you through your personal feedback. Hopefully this will help you understand why you didn’t progress, and where you can improve..

We’ll also provide you with details about our partnership with JobMi  which will give you the option to explore alternative job opportunities with other employers.  

Reasonable Adjustments & Disability

At EY we are committed to bringing together the right candidates to create the high performing teams that provide our clients with the exceptional service they expect. Our people advise some of the world’s most important organisations on the most complex business matters, which is why our people are vital to businesses, industries and economies everywhere. We welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences, creating a rich and diverse culture here at EY – a culture that can help you learn, develop and shape your career.

If you have a disability or if there is any other reason which means you require a reasonable adjustment to the recruitment process and / or in the workplace, we would encourage you to share this with us. This will enable us to provide sufficient and appropriate support to you throughout the recruitment process and if you join our organisation.

Please contact us on 0800 289 208 or email us and we will work with you to ensure that your adjustments are implemented correctly.

Technical Support

If you need technical support at any point across the selection process, and you can't find the information you are looking for on our website, you can contact us at or on 0800 289 208.

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