Meet Matt Gubba

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At 16, Matt knew that further education wasn't the right route for him to take. So he decided to enter the working world, and ultimately to found BizBritain - an organisation dedicated to ensuring people, like Matt, who know university isn't the right next step after school, have access to the tools they need for a successful career.

Matt Gubba is an entrepreneur with a mission; to help young people who haven’t been to university to succeed without a degree. From an early age Matt knew that following the conveyor belt of formal education wasn’t for him, and made the decision to enter the world of business aged just 16.

Over the following years, Matt went on to launch a number of successful businesses within the media, events, and finance sectors. Then in 2012 Matt Founded BizBritain, an organisation which provides funding, mentoring and advice to help people who didn’t go to university to start their own business.

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