The Decision

The Decision - My Future Now

It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make: what to do when you finish school. We've got top advice from the people who've been there and done it, so you can make your journey in business as successful as possible.

The decision to go to university used to be simple: if you could go, you went. But it’s not so straightforward anymore, with increased competition for graduate jobs and more emphasis is being put on skills that aren’t taught in the classroom, such as commerciality, influence and networking.

EY is setting the example for the future by offering school leavers a choice of routes, all of which will lead to a career in business. We’ve always believed in the idea of choice. After all, there’s no secret formula to success. Each person needs to do what’s right for them, and My Future Now uncovers some of the less traditional paths you can take to build on your strengths and talents.

Whatever route you decide on, My Future Now will be able to help, providing opportunities for school leavers from all walks of life. 

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